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I gotta say: wow! I had a great experience this week, because I’m a subject in a research for which I have to play a computer game with my thoughts!
It’s called BCI, for Brain-Computer Interface, and you have to wear a really silly-looking cap stuffed with electrodes. Using the signals from the electrodes, your thoughts are read. Not the words, thank god, but your intention to move. The theory is like this: when you are commanded to move say your finger and you move your finger, a certain area of your brain activates. When you decide on your own to move a finger, this same area in your brain activates, along with another area concerning your decision to move that finger. This can be read through EEG and can therefore be used to control, in this case, a computer game!

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Turned to the blog side

May 28th, 2007 admin No comments

Heh, it appears that I’ve become a blogger after all. Never thought I would be, but here I am.The desperation of not having finished any of my ideas for a cool portfolio website the last three years drove me to it. That and the fact that I have to say it’s fun to share cool stuff with people. So don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details of my daily life (to Dutch speakers all around: don’t you just love the word “beslommeringen”? :) ). I’ll just post when I’ve got something interesting I want to show you.

First though, I think a short introduction would be in order. So hi, I’m Ralph. I live in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and study in Leiden. I’m doing a masters in Media Technology, which is concerned with art and science, and every combination of those two. Right now I’m working on my graduation project. I’ll get into that later on, probably when it’s finished :) . Let’s see, yeah, I’m a freelance programmer, mostly front end programming with ActionScript. I’ve done some projects with Adobe Flex as well, and I’m hoping to get some time to dive into Apollo and create some cool desktop applications :)

But anyway, enough of that. Just check back later, and I’ll tell you if I see/hear/find/do anything I think is worth knowing about…

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