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Processing – Arduino message queue

September 18th, 2007 admin No comments

When I was working on the software for my graduation project, I found I needed a way for Processing and Arduino to communicate safely, so that no messages would be overwritten, lost or sent in the wrong order. To this end I wrote a messaging system, the code for which can be downloaded here:

It basically works like this: processing sends numerical messages to the arduino I/O-board over a serial connection. To ensure safe messaging, every message is preceded by another message that specifies the type of message that follows. Arduino then first receives this type identifier, knows what type of message should follow, and then receives that message and sends back a confirmation to let processing know that the message was received. Only when a message is confirmed will processing send the next message in line. Also, if a message is not received for 2 seconds, it is resent, and if resending has no effect then it is placed at the back of the queue to be tried again later on

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Graduation research

September 6th, 2007 admin No comments

Coming back from holiday means getting back to work, in my case on my graduation project, which has been eating most or all of my time for a while now. The end, however, is approaching and look how nicely the electronics are coming along! And to think that when I started this I had hardly a clue about how to build this kind of stuff. I like making myself proud… ;D

I won’t go into detail about the exact ins and outs of my graduation project now, but it’s a research concerning physical responses to watching video footage. Experiments are scheduled to start at the 17th of this month, if I can just manage to get some more test subjects… Anyway, the end is drawing near, and when it is here, I’ll be a Master of Science! Yay!!! :D


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