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The fun don’t stop with Johnyy Lee

December 25th, 2007 admin 1 comment

Another brilliant example of thinking outside of the box by Johnny Lee. This time he figured out how to do head tracking with the Wii remote to use in desktop VR applications. To find out what this means, watch his video below:

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Zombie Love

December 23rd, 2007 admin No comments

Yesterday I was treated to a viewing of the brilliant thesis film of Yfke van Berckelaer, called Zombie Love.
It’s essentially a musical about, as the title may suggest, a zombie in love. It is incredibly funny and well written and I enjoyed every second of it, including the hilarious ‘chilling with my girlfriend’ trailer. An absolute must see!

Find more info on and please support Yfkes artistry by ordering a copy!

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Multitouch displays using the Wiimote

December 12th, 2007 admin No comments

Johnny Lee gave us a taste of his brilliance by sharing his experiments in which he uses a simple Wii remote to create a low cost multi touch display either on a surface or in thin air as you see in the movie Minority Report.
Check out his website:

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Wireless (S)NES Controller for Wii

December 9th, 2007 admin 2 comments

All I can say is: “WOW!”

Mark Feldman felt (and who doesn’t) that Virtual Console games on Wii are experienced much better when played with their original controllers, so what did he do? He converted original NES and SNES controllers to wireless versions, compatible with the Nintendo Wii! And he even put up a website to show us how it’s done. See links below.

Mark Feldman’s tutorial website:

Demo video:

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The ‘Liar’ Bird

December 9th, 2007 admin No comments

Take a look at this brilliant bird, the Lyre Bird. It imitates anything it hears: other birds, but also camera shutters, car alarms and even chainsaws!

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ShameStation’s Bright future

December 8th, 2007 admin No comments

In the last weekend of November, we attended the STRP festival with the ShameStation. That was a lot of fun and we were pretty popular, with curious people coming to see what this ‘game’ was. During these four days of fun we were also spotted by Bright, who immediately wanted us on the BrightLive festival. It seems that the star of the ShameStation is on the rise :)

Here’s two videos showing the ShameStation in action on STRP festival:

ShameStation on STRP

Bright’s compilation video of STRP festival

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