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AS 3.0 layout manager

February 25th, 2008 admin 5 comments

I’ve created a custom layout manager in AS 3.0 which provides some of the automatic scaling and positioning that Flex provides.

You can register objects and specify a size to maintain relative to the stage size, alignment, padding and set a function that is called when the screen is resized.

This is a first version and it may (and most likely will) change in the future.

Download: and

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Physical Emotion Induction

February 19th, 2008 admin No comments

The hour of my graduation draws nigh, and in preparation I would like to share the details.


It is well known that our emotional response is related to our bodily state, and more specifically that our bodily state can directly influence particular emotions we feel. It appears, however, that this fact has so far not had a significant influence in the entertainment industry. We first review existing work on physical emotion induction. Based on this work we present several techniques to influence emotional responses through physical means in a non-cognitive manner. The basis for the different techniques is a two-factor model of emotion: Pleasure and Arousal. We selected 4 sets of movie clips that correspond to the 4 possible quadrants existing in the 2 factor model. We have implemented some of the emotion induction techniques in a physical device (interactive chair) and tested the effects on the immersiveness of the movie clips and the emotional experience of the participants.

The full research paper (16 pages) can be downloaded here, as well as a shortened 8 page version:
full paper (pdf)
short paper (pdf)

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