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Happyard is Japanese GameJam nominee!

March 27th, 2008 admin No comments

A couple of weeks ago four other guys and me developed a concept for a Japanese mobile game called Happyard. We did this in the context of the GameJam competition which was organized with the intent of promoting dutch design in Japan through mobile gaming.

The Japan Times describes Happyard very much to the point as a game that “(…) integrates real world parameters with a virtual garden environment and sets the player about hunting animals for their collection.” This concepts enthused the Japanese jury so much that they decided on us as the fourth competitor where a selection of just three was allowed (!) So on to the demo creation phase and perhaps this fall we’ll be representing dutch design in Tokyo!

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Navigatable ArrayCollection for Flex

March 18th, 2008 admin 1 comment

I’ve written a NavigatableList class to provide the already handy ArrayCollection class with a simple cursor-like navigation option. You can call list.navigateTo() and provide for instance or list.previous. You also specify the class to which items should belong and you can search for an item with list.findItem(property, value). And finally, you can clone it with list.clone().

Download it here

EDIT: the clone() method didn’t work correctly for some reason. I’ve removed it for now.
EDIT: added an equals() method which compares this list to another list. You  must specify the  name of a unique property which can be used to check if two items are the same.

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