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Updated design travel blog

June 20th, 2008 admin No comments

I recently ‘beautified’ the design of my travel blog and it’s now online at (beware: it’s in Dutch).

Before, it looked too much like an application, very rigid and unpersonal. The color scheme was also too dark, using black and dark red.
Hopefully this new design gives the website a more open feel.

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My political influence

June 18th, 2008 admin 1 comment

After having helped to expand the functionality of the new video player for the Netherlands Public Broadcasting (NPO) this player is now in the news and appears to be the subject of political debate here in Holland.

Complaints about how the online video broadcasts of NPO are only available in Microsoft based formats have apparently even led to concerns from politicians. It’s a good thing that the NPO is switching to Flash to display their video content then :)

The player is quite nice, with functionality like embedding only a fragment of a video, adding comments on the timeline and subscribing to a series. You can try it out on

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