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Central America kicks ass

June 20th, 2009 admin No comments

Wow, I noticed my blogging frequency has really been dropping lately.

Might be due to the fact that I´ve been travelling through Central America with my girlfriend for the past three months. And now it´s almost time to go home, but I can´t complain after having had the opportunity to visit Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Life is good :)

I just want to let everyone know that Central America kicks major ass! I love it here, and will definitely ensure many returns in the future.

Read all about our journey on if you can read Dutch, or just enjoy the photos on there (select the central tab, which says ´reisverhalen´).

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Back from afar

August 28th, 2007 admin 2 comments

After a door-to-airport journey of roughly 26 hours (Lima – Atlanta – New York – Amsterdam) in which we saw the sun come up twice, we arrived at Schiphol airport. Our holiday in Peru is over, now we have to get back to our daily routines.

I spent Monday celebrating my 27th birthday, mostly by relaxing in the sun. I’m trying to extend my holiday for as long as I can…

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July 31st, 2007 admin No comments

For five days now, my girlfriend Sofie and me have been in Peru on holiday. We will be gone for a month in total and anyone who´s interested can follow our trip online at, photos and all.

Note: the website is in Dutch, I´m afraid…


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